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Aurora Store: A way to download Apps that are not available for your country from Google Play

Google Play Store is by far the largest application store today. It has millions of options available, ranging from games, utility apps, and many others that are difficult to classify or whose only function is to consume storage space.

Nevertheless, despite the variety of apps available, not all of th em will appear in your search options.  It is because developers can limit the download of their applications.

Consequently, they will be available only for certain regions, and if you enter the download menu in Google Play directly through a link, it will appear as an item that is not available for your country.

Undoubtedly, it is something that can be very frustrating for its users, but luckily the liberty of Android allows us to take certain shortcuts; such as downloading the APKs of the applications from third-party pages and then installing them, or using Aurora Store.  It is an informal customer that is quite useful.

Ahead, we will explain how to use it to download all the applications you want from Google Play Store without region limits.

What is Aurora Store?

Before downloading anything, you will be wondering what the Aurora Store app is, and if it is safe use. Well, it is just an application store for Android, which does not need Google services to run (although, the applications that you download from it may require it).

It is a project developed in open code, which can be explored through the Gitlab published by the developers, so there are no great secrets behind the 7 mb weight of the application.

Broadly speaking, it resembles to Google Play itself, allowing a menu where you can explore and download the applications you want, with the advantage that it also includes unique tools such as device simulations, anonymous downloads and the elimination of download restrictions by region.

Everything that we mentioned before makes Aurora Stores a fairly utilitarian Store proposal, so you should take advantage of it.

Learn how to download apps without region limits

It is not very difficult to use Aurora Store to download any app that is limited in your country by Google Play. But, despite how simple it is to use, we give you the instructions with all the necessary details to do it in a matter of minutes.

Download and install Aurora Store

The first thing you should do is download the APK of the application from the official Aurora Store page. Make sure that you do not download by mistake the Aurora-Droid APK which is in the same page (it works for F-Droid and not for the Google Play apps).

Once the application is installed and the necessary permissions are given, you will be able to begin session in anonymity, so you will not have to use any Google account, although it also offers that option.

Set up Google Play links

Beginning now, you can download the applications by entering the links from Aurora Store, the problem is that because defaults on it, the links will be opened automatically by the Google Play App.

You can change this setting from the Android settings. Follow these steps: enter Settings, “Google Play application information”, there will be several tabs listed, you will have to select the one which says “Open by default” next “Open links supported in this application”.

Finally, change the setting from “Always allow” to “Always ask” so that every time you access a link to a Google Play application, the system asks you with which app you want to open it.

Download the apps you want without region limits

Now the final steps are the easiest. Open the application you want to download by opening its direct link from Google Play, when you do so, a notification box will appear asking you with which application to open that link, either with Google Play itself or in this case with Aurora Store.

Once the Aurora Store menu is loaded, select the download button, wait for it to finish and install the app you want.

Keep in mind that, although you can already download applications without regional limits, it does not guarantee that they will work, as the applications may include other security measures.

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