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Every day, Technology surprises us with all the wonderful things you can do thanks to its mechanisms of action. Every time, the ways to make life easier in terms of the use of electronic devices, becomes more ordinary and interactive. On the internet there are thousands and thousands of ways to recreate systems on different devices. One of these systems is called emulator; they come in their different forms.

We know that, the numbers of emulators that exist are colossal.  It is not only because of, the fact that they are useful, but rather those they in each of their types can help to recreate the systems; it can be both, in mobile devices as in computer equipment.

In this article, we will talk about ArchON, which is not really an emulator, but because the functions and characteristics that it has, it is considered an emulator system due to the fact that it recreates operating systems that are strange in comparison to the usual ones.  It allows you to turn your computer into an Android device, performing tasks that can only be done on those devices. You can do all this with the simple use of one of the most common internet browsers today, the well-known Google Chrome.

For these reasons, we invite you to read this article, so that you can learn and be aware of everything and each one of the details this system has. We will explain the requirements that your computer must meet in order to be owner of this system as amazing as ArchON is. So, do not waste more time. We invite you to continue reading from the comfort of your home or wherever you are in this moment!

What is ArchON?

As you must be imagining, ArchON is a kind of emulator in general terms, but being more specific it is an extension that is added to your Google Chrome browser in order to be able to use Android applications through downloads of APKs from official sources or places where they guarantee a perfect download.

This extension is very useful for many users, since it can be supported in Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, with an extremely incredible fluency in playback. For these reasons, ArchON is one of the most preferred apps by users as it allows a pleasant experience and total perfection in the use of Android applications.

If you want to download an extension or tool that allows you to use Android applications, ArchON is the best option for you.

Requirements to install ArchON

It is normal you think that tools like these have a very high amount of software and hardware requirements, but it is not the case with ArchON. It only needs a small amount of specifications and it will be enough to work perfectly on your computer. It is easily. We must highlight that, the following is only a minimum range for its operation. You just have to keep in mind that you need the following to be able to fully enjoy this extension:

  • 250 MB hard disk space.
  • 512 MB RAM memory.
  • Graphics range at least 64MB.
  • Windows XP operating system preferably.
  • 800 MHz x68 processor.

If you have each and every one of these requirements on your computer, you must have the complete certainty that ArchON will work perfectly on your computer with all the functions that it has within its compressed file. On the other hand, as you can see, the requirements it demands are not as high as in other cases.

Where can I get ArchON?

As it has already been explained for some time, all those applications that are destined to be downloaded and executed on your personal device, whether it is a computer or a mobile device, must be downloaded from original sources which guarantee total security and protection at the moment you put them into operation. In this manner, it will protect you from any fake application that may be full of intruders or malware; it may represent a big problem for your computer.

For your own safety and, due to the fact that, there are many imitations of ArchON, it is recommended that it be downloaded from its official website to avoid any problems.

How do I install ArchON?

Once you have downloaded the file and it is inside your pc, you must do the following steps to install it correctly:

  1. Go to the download folder and open the file.
  2. Once you have opened the file, a new file will appear.
  3. Now open Google Chrome and type Chrome: // extensions /.
  4. Slide the Developer Mode bar to activate it.
  5. Select the Extension Upload option.

After you do that, the ArchON extension will be added to your browser. Then you can use the Android applications.

How do I download the applications?

IF you think that downloading the applications and running them is difficult, let me tell you that you are wrong. Despite how laborious it seems to be, you just need to go over to a page for APK downloads. Make sure that the page is fully compatible with ArchON, after that; download the application file of your preference.

Once you have done the download and previous installation, you must perform exactly the same steps that you did to install the extension but, in this case, it will be forwarded to applications that you want to download in your alike Android device emulator.

Is there any disadvantage with ArchON?

We must inform you that, even though it does not have many disadvantages, the strongest one would be its incomplete compatibility with the social network application of Twiter. On the other hand, depending on the application you download, there may be the possibility of sudden and forced closings of the application.

However, it is not a limitation for everything ArchON can do for your computer. You will be extremely fascinated by this wonderful feature! Don’t waste time and go download it now!

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