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Andyroid is an Android Emulator, also known as Andy which was born in 2012. The founders of this tool were constantly thinking about how the Operating System is the main point of all computing, so they wanted to create an OS which could be transformational itself.

There is were Andy popped out of their minds, a free OS that would allow developers and users to experience and enjoy the freedom of using more robust apps, to use them in multiple device environments and to move on from being constrained by the limits of device storage, having to use a separate OS or the Screen size.

Their company is currently based in San Francisco, CA; US. With this emulator, its team strives to create a stronger connection between a person’s mobile and desktop experience. They believe there should be a constant synchronization between your mobile device and your computer, allowing you to work on being productive by saving time from doing a manual update.


What is the Andyroid?

Based on their own words, Andy was created to break down the barrier between desktop and mobile computing.  It keeps the users up to date with the most recent Android OS feature upgrades plus an unlimited storage capacity.

By emulating the APK (Android Application Kit/Package), which is the file format that Android employs to distribute and install apps.  It should contain each element needed by apps to be installed correctly on your Android device but on your PC.

What Andy does is to provide you with the several benefits you would get from having an Android device, without even owning one. You would get to enjoy all the features you might have on your Smartphone but on a bigger Screen.

Andy possesses compatibility with PC and Mac, which means that your chances to get it and enjoy it are bigger. You will be able to run an Android OS on Windows. Imagine all the advantages you would get by having this emulator on your phone. Being able to check your social media, send text messages and play videogames from a bigger screen while sitting on your desktop. All comfort and proactive.

Andyroid Characteristics

Every program and Apps has its own characteristic that make them attractive, Andy isn’t the exception. From getting to use your PC as a Smartphone to feel productive, these are some of Andy’s characteristics.

  • Stability; Andy offers great overall stability on its Operating System, once you are using an app or a videogame you could expect that you will surely get a smooth experience.
  • Keeps Updated; It looks forward to keep you updated with the most recent Android’s versions, this way Andy will be able to offer more apps that are compatible with your device, also the Apps will be running more stable thanks to that.
  • Customizable Interface; It’s easy and intuitive to navigate around the software. It supports all apps, not just games. Its commitment is to be as productive as you want or need it to be.
  • Synchronization; A pretty useful option is having all your devices linked with the Android OS, in this case with the emulator, it will provide sync between desktop and mobile devices.


Taking into account this is a complement you will be adding to your computer, you might know this app has its own minimum PC Requirement to work properly. First of all, it is a need that the CPU must support the virtualization, make sure it is enabled in BIOS.

  • Windows 7 / Windows 8. X x86 or x64
  • 3GB RAM.
  • At least having a dual core processor, both Intel and AMD are fine.

Facts about Andyroid Emulator

When talking about compatibility, Andy looks forward to give you the most out of your experiences. Users will be able to download, install and use as many apps from the exclusive Android world as they want to, on your Windows PC.

You won’t need to set up a virtual machine or employ complex processes to enjoy these benefits. Just go and install it and begin using it. This software is incredibly intuitive, it gives you the option to use your own phone as a control for your games, and you could opt for the mouse to use it as a cursor as you would do with your finger on your phone.

Each of the main Android features are available with Andy Android Emulator, going from support for WhatsApp, gaming, push notifications, social media apps to being synchronized with your main PC.

Andy Android Emulator Mines Cryptocurrency on your PC

Now, keeping in mind that Andy Android Emulator is a competent and free software, besides its benefits and productivity aspects, there is something you might take into account…

An Andy user discovered that the program installs a bitcoin miner without your consent that uses your GPU in the background. It is hidden behind the name updater.exe, probably your AntiVirus program would detect it as ‘’unsafe’’.

This extra uninvited guest, stays in the system even if you uninstall Andy so, you would need to follow a complete process to get rid of it.

  • Close any process related to Andy from the task manager
  • Uninstall Andy through the Windows assistant
  • Search for the process called “Updater”
  • Right click on it and click go to details
  • Right click on exein details and click end process tree 
  • Access from the file explorer C:\Program Files (x86)
  • Click once on the folderUpdater and press Shift+Delete
  • Click once on the folder AndyOSand press Shift+Delete
  • Check in the task manager that no services related to Andy are still running
  • Download the tool Malwarebytesand run a complete scan.
  • Download CCleanerand do a registry fix. Delete anything related to Andy.

The actual problem with it is that you might get to feel fooled, because in some way you have been tricked into downloading a cryptominer and that through time, your device might begin running low due to the effort that’s consumed by the miner.

Anyways, there is no need to worry that much, there is a variety of options you can check that would provide you with the same benefits as you could have with Andy.

Emulator’s Alternatives

As before mentioned, there are other options that come with even more unique features for being just an Android Emulator. Some of these alternatives are especially designed for gamers and focused on productivity and giving you a comfortable experience that you can fully enjoy.

There is the LDPlayer, for instance. It maximizes the gamer’s experience on the game, having an extremely high compatibility and an ultra-high frame speed. The software even allows you to run Android Apps much faster on your PC or Laptop than in your own Tablet or Smartphone.

Or you could opt for the Nox App Player, its setup is truly versatile and navigating the app is pretty simple. It supports keyboards, gamepads, script recording and multiple instances. It is especially designed for gamers, every feature is based on giving the user the best gaming experience they can have. . It possesses an intuitive and updated interface, offering the users the same and complete benefits they would have from running the OS on their mobile device.

Where to get Andyroid Emulator?

If you are still considering on getting it, you would just have to take into account all of the things you have read on this entry. Look always for your own devices safety and decide.

By going through their Website you will find the downloading option. It offers the ability to run all your communication apps from your desktop, giving you the most complete experience on gaming by allowing you to use your phone as a remote control for videogames and living the complete experience of using an Android Operating System from the comfort of your desktop.

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