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Huawei: New Mate 40 Release date

There are some big Smartphone launches coming up soon and Huawei is one of these companies that are bringing new models to the market, they won’t be staying behind. The new Huawei Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro had been announced to be launched on October 22.

This new model is expected to be one of their most important releases for several reasons, one of them is the fact that it will be the last one to be running a Kirin processor in the near future. This Kirin 9000, which is possibly the last new SoC of the house in the near future. It is expected to have a 5-nanometer architecture and three clusters: a 3.13 Ghz core, three at 2.54 GHz and four at 2.04 GHz, in addition to a Mali-G78 GPU and 5G connectivity.

According to the most recent leaks of this phone’s launching, the Huawei Mate 40 will not be changing that much when talking about design, referring to its previous generation, it will come with a module for a circular camera, which will probably count with a 50 megapixel sensor and an 80 megapixel wide angle camera on the Pro Model. Both models will have a dual perforated camera on the front screen.

Aspects about its Launching

Huawei has been reinventing itself recently, mostly due to its friction with the U.S. government; as a result of the US sanctions, Huawei has been unable to continue producing Kirin chips since a while ago. Its last and most powerful chip to date is rumored to be the Kirin 9000 inside the Huawei Mate 40, which explains why it is that relevant this time.

At the moment the most we know about the new Huawei Mate 40 is what the leaks have published, however, the wait to get to know all the details won’t be long, the presentation is planned for next Thursday, October 22.

Based on the information we have managed until now, the Mate 40 Pro is expected to bring a module on the rear with a telephoto lens which would run a periscope zoom. It will keep the curved screen design, presenting a more fashionable aesthetic. And, it won’t have anything to do with Google.

Novelties on the new Galaxy A42 5G

Around a month ago, Samsung had presented to us which would be their most economic device model currently, which would count with 5G connectivity but, they didn’t unveiled those many details yet.

Samsung made sure everyone knew that they were going to let us know more about the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G as the release date came closer, around November. A month from now, the Specifications Sheet has been revealed.

5G connectivity continues as a priority for their new devices, being spread all over Samsung’s catalog. As expected, it started at the top and it has slowly gone to the premium mid-range and worked its way down from there. Nowadays, the company’s most economic 5G product was the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G, but that is about to change with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A42 5G.

Specifications Sheet

  • Screen: AMOLED 6.6’’ HD+.
  • Weight and Dimensions:
    • 190 g.
    • 164,4 x 75,9 x 8,6.
  • Processor:
    • 8 Cores: 2 x 2,2 Ghz + 6 x 1,8 Ghz.
  • RAM: 4 / 6 / 8 GB
  • Storage:
    • 128 GB.
    • MicroSD to 1 TB.
  • Front Camera:
    • 20 MP f/2.2.
  • Back Camera:
    • 48 MP f/1.8.
    • 8 MP f/2.2 wide angle.
    • 5 MP f/2.4 bokeh.
    • 5 MP f/2.4 macro.
  • Battery:
    • 000 mAh.
    • Fast Charging: 15W.
  • Operating System: Android
  • Conectivity:
    • 5G.
    • Wi-Fi.
    • Bluetooth.
  • Others: Fingerprint reader on the screen.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G: Aspects

Samsung has not given yet all the details about the new Galaxy A42 5G, which is expected to be official and released on the market during the coming months, although no information has been published besides of the one we have brought to you. And curiously, we have some details for you.

Currently, based on the picture we have seen, it will count with a screen with a notch shaped as a drop of water, in a panel that will have a size of 6.6 inches. It will be a bigger screen than what we have found on its predecessors designs, such as the A40 and A41, as an example. The screen will be made in Super AMOLED technology, which will allow lower energy consumption.

One of the aspects that catches the users attention is that this new Galaxy A42 5G will count with 5G connectivity, however Samsung hasn’t said which processor it will be using, taking into account it belongs to the mid-range category.

When talking about cameras, the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G has a 20 megapixel selfie camera in the front and a quad camera in the rear. On the back part of the phone we can already tell that it has four cameras, although at the moment there is no official information on which sensors it has. Some rumors point to a 48MP main sensor, but nothing has been confirmed so, we will have to wait until its official presentation which will be soon, to have all the details about this new mid-range device of the brand.

We still don’t actually know the processor of this new Samsung product, although at least we know that it has an eight-core processor, these are 2.2 GHz and six at 1.8 GHz. The RAM will be available in three versions: 4, 6 and 8 GB, with 128 GB of RAM. The battery is 5,000 mAh and includes support for 15W fast charging.

Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G will be available in three different colors: black, white and gray, with versions of 4, 6 and 8 GB of RAM. Its availability and global price have not been confirmed yet, but Samsung has announced in Germany that it would be sold in November for a beginning price of 369 €.

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