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Everything you need to know about this amazing game from Supercell

Clash of Clans has been an emblematic video game in many people’s lives. Supercell is characterized as a company that provides the best video games for mobile devices. Supercell also causes a certain enjoyment in its users, and it is because, they have known how to entertain us with each of their releases. Video games such as: Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day; each one of them with a different game mode, but from the same creator and an almost similar pace of play.

If you are a beginner in the world of Supercell video games, especially in the game Clash of Clans, this article may interest you. Here we are going to give you some recommendations and steps that you should follow to improve your gaming skills, as well as, some tips to get gold, medicine and gems. Everything you will find while you play is going to be very useful and you will need it in order to survive. So let’s begin to learn!

What is Clash of Clans?

Before starting to give you recommendations, it is important that we first explain what Clash of Clans consists of. This video game takes place in a small village, which is of your property. With help of resource collectors and troops, you must protect the village and try to level it up, so that it develops just like the best ones.

At the beginning of the game, you must start to build up whatever is necessary to defend your village, likewise you have to get resources, and also you must improve your troops so that you can attack your enemies and take away their resources and trophies.  The game will climb up to higher levels and you will receive better daily rewards as you get more resources and trophies. In the next sections, you are going to get some instructions that you must follow to make the game easier, as well as other tips that are going to help you to level up faster the town hall.

Where can I download Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is available to be downloaded on mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems, so you can download it on their corresponding download platforms. However, there are places where you can download it as an APK, such as APK Mirror.

Steps to download Clash of Clans

If you have a smartphone with some of the above-mentioned operating systems, you must follow the steps below to download it. It should be noted that the steps are valid for both platforms, unlike that only the place where you download it will vary:

  1. First, go to the menu on your device.
  2. Second, enter the corresponding download application, either Play Store or App Store.
  3. After that, enter the name of the video game “Clash of Clans” in the search bar.
  4. Next, wait until the application list loads.
  5. Then, select the application.
  6. Afterwards, press the download button.
  7. Finally, wait a few minutes while the download completes.

In a matter of minutes, you can be enjoying this video game. You just have to follow the steps mentioned above.

Now the best begins!

Now that, you have already reached this part of the article, we must tell you that the best begins. Below we are going to be providing you with a series of recommendations that you should follow to make your game the best experience.

How to get more gold and elixir?

If the gold and elixir (medicine) that your village constantly produces is not enough for you, follow these steps and you will see that you can increase the daily production rate. You can place all those structures that you want to level up on the improvement list and make them more powerful:

  • Attacks more frequently: If you are one of those who do not attack very frequently, we advise you that you should increase your daily attacks. In addition to this, something very important to get more gold and elixir in your attacks is to prioritize destroying all those structures that store resources, such as: warehouses, collectors, town hall and the clan´s castle.
  • Accelerate the collectors: One of the most effective methods and one that is not so difficult is to accelerate the collectors. This process can be done in 2 ways, using acceleration potions or gems, you just have to position yourself on the collector and press the “accelerate” option. Production will double and you are going to see better results.
  • Attack the goblins: We all know that, attacking the goblins is a good option. You can carry out this mission by going to “single player battle”, once there select the level you have unlocked and attack. It is important to keep in mind that, the goblins have a good defense in their village, so you should have your troops at a fairly even level with the town hall they have. Goblins always deliver good loot.
  • Use goblins in your attacks: The most important function of this troop is to steal the resources from the enemy village. One recommendation that we can give you is that, you use more goblins when making your attacks, but it is important that you go together with them with troops that focus on destroying defenses, such as giants. Once you use this form of attack, you are going to see how the goblins destroy all the collectors in their path and they take even the smallest resource from them.

How to get more gems?

Gems are very important in your village. You can speed up processes with them, as well as, you can get more builders to do their work in this village. Follow these tips to get more:

  • Remove obstacles: It is very common that obstacles always appear in your village, but we tell you that, one way to get gems is by removing the obstacles; once you remove them they will give you some gems. Otherwise, they will give you a little experience on the game.
  • Eliminate the gem boxes: Every now and then, a gem box appears in your village. You can remove it and it will provide you with 25 gems. This is a good way to get gems.
  • Eliminate decorations: In special events some decorations will appear in your village, if you remove them, you will get a few gems in addition to elixir and gold.
  • Complete the seasonal events: Some of the rewards that you can get in the boxes of the seasonal events are gems. If you complete them, you can get them.
  • Build the gem mine: In the night village you can build a gem mine that produces certain gems in a certain period of time. Once you improve it, you can get more and more gems.

How to get more trophies?

Trophies are very important when you want to receive higher rewards and you want to move up on ranks. Follow these recommendations and you can get more of them:

  • Attack more often: If you carry out more daily attacks, you will get more trophies. It is important that you keep in mind that, you have to guarantee that you are going to obtain at least 1 star in each attack.
  • Protect your village: When an enemy attacks your village, you will lose trophies. It is important that your defenses are at their maximum level so, that when you are attacked they defeat the attacker.
  • Win in war attacks: If you make your 2 regulation attacks in war, you can get a small amount of trophies at the end.

What orders should I follow to upgrade my troops and spells?

When you want to improve your troops and spells because you have already raised your laboratory level, it is quite a difficult decision to take. Below we bring you a recommended order to improve your troops and spells:

  1. Barbarian.
  2. P.E.K.K.A.
  3. Dragon.
  4. Goalkeepers.
  5. Valkyries.
  6. Golem.
  7. Healers.
  8. Healing spell.
  9. Healing spell.
  10. Damage spell.
  11. Lightning spell.
  12. Earthquake spell.
  13. Jump spell.
  14. Baby dragon.

Then you may follow the order you think is the most convenient, the important thing is that, you better pass these first, since they will be more useful in future attacks.

What order to follow to improve the structures?

Once you are in a new level of town hall, the improvement of structures is the most important thing to do. We recommend that you follow this sequence:

  1. Walls.
  2. Collectors.
  3. Laboratory.
  4. Defenses.
  5. Traps.
  6. Warehouses.
  7. Camps.

It is a recommended order that can help you make the improvements at a good pace, but you can choose the one you find more convenient.

How to guarantee 1 star in attacks?

Winning the attacks is very important, because when you are defeated you will lose trophies and it will make you descend. We invite you to follow these tips so that you guarantee 1 star in each of your attacks:

  1. Destroy all the structures that are outside the walls.
  2. Use wall breakers to enter the center of the village.
  3. Use destructive spells like lightning and earthquake, to destroy the structure that causes more problems for your troops.

To finish

We hope that, this guide has been useful for you to improve your skills on this video game. Follow the recommendations that we have given you previously. You are going to see how your village takes another course and your game skills take more strength.

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