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The best adventures to stretch the fun with Minecraft

Despite the fact that Minecraft has been out in the market since long time ago, it’s still very relevant among veteran gamers and amateurs. If you like videogames, in which you have to build, survive and have amazing adventures, then Minecraft is the best shot for you and that’s possibly the reason of his popularity.

Mojang hit the nail in the head with Minecraft, since the game is so versatile that you have a lot of freedom to do a bunch of stuffs. Now, if the core game itself is amazing for its own, imagine a world in which you can expand that experience with amazing and creative new quests and destinies. Well this is possible now, since we have Mods.

If you think that mods are just a lame way to add some new aesthetics to the game, let us tell you that you’re wrong about that. Mods can give you new adventures, since many modifications and packages bring new quests created by hardcore fans with amazing skills.

Although a lot of these mods are just garbage, many of them offer a new plot, with new stages and characters for Minecraft. Since we don’t want you to lose your time, we made a list of the best Minecraft mods to make things easier for you.

How to add mods to Minecraft?

The process for incorporating the modifications or “mods” for Minecraft is really simple, but if you don’t know the step by step, things may get a little bit confusing for you. If you wish to know the whole process to use your mods, you better take a look at this article.

Herobrine’s Mansion

If you randomly look for Minecraft mods, the most probable outcome is that you run into Herobrine’s Mansion, since this is one of the most famous modifications for the game. Hypixel is the creator of this spooky new journey, in which you’ll have to explore a scary mansion that holds many mysteries.

Since Herobrine’s Mansion is a tough challenge with die-hard bosses, this mod can be played for up to 4 players. If you think that you have what it takes, you should give it a try.

Torn: Origins

If you thought that this world was already crazy, get ready to become a spy in Minecraft. Torn: Origins is a new epic adventure mod, in which you’re the first agent of the X.I.A and your job is to save your town from the hands of terrorists known as the first sons.

Every decision you make in this open world is important, since the story will change according to your choices. Become the best agent in the X.I.A or turn yourself into a merciless vigilante, but whatever you choose, we’re sure that you’re going to have one great time.

An Adventure, I guess

Unless you’re only interested in dark and deep adventures like the ones before, you might want to crack a few smiles in the Beans Dimension. Even though An adventure, I guess is really short compared with other mods in the list, this version of Minecraft is so hilarious that we had to put it in the list.

Why did I become a harem Anime Protagonists?

If you’re into anime and some kinky stuffs, that’s cool because we have the perfect Minecraft mod for anime lovers in the world. Why did I become a harem Anime Protagonists? Is another hilarious modification for Minecraft, since it lets you live the experience of having your own harem of beautiful girls.

Even though this sounds like a dream, there’s the rumor that these girls are actually dangerous so is your decision what to do. Since some jokes in this mod are a little bit heavy, we think that it should be PG +16.

Castle to none

If you have heard of the Bungie game “Destiny”, now is your chance to experience it in the Minecraft world with this super cool mod. While many other mods in this list can be 1-player, this modification was actually developed to be enjoyed in groups of 3 to 6 persons. The main goal is already pretty bold, as we have to explore a castle filled with monsters.

Choose your class and consider what role you want to play, since there are three different classes. If you want to fight, choose a ranger, if you want to defend, choose a defender and if you want to heal, choose the support. Everyone is necessary, so be sure to gather a balanced team.

Lost in the woods: The hospital

What would you do if you wake up alone in the middle of a deserted hospital room with absolutely no memories? Maybe you’ll run, maybe you’ll hide, but definitely you’ll want some answers. This happened to Gregory Anderson, your protagonist in Lost in the woods: The hospital, since he doesn’t know where he is or what happened.

Even though this mysterious Minecraft mod only last 2 hours, you really get an immersive experience as you try to escape the hospital and find out what is going on.

The Mystery of Herobrine

If you’re here, is because you know this game very well, so you might have heard the enigmatic and scary stories about Minecraft. One of the most popular tales of this cubic world is the creepypasta of Herobrine, since this infamous character is able to twist this world at will and control the mind of the players.

While the intentions of Herobrine are unknown, we are sure of something and that is the fact that you’ll have 6 chapters of a new thrilling adventure when you install this mod. If you truly want to experience the terror, we invite you to play this alone and face the mysteries in this legend.


The world is in crisis; well actually the world is “Crysis”, since this amazing and well-polished mod transports you into the post-apocalyptic Minecraft world of the Crysis game. Find the terrorist that cause these violent events and bring him to justice.

Revive the planet

Revive the planet has to be one of the best mods in this list, because it completely satisfies the expectative from the title. This adventure mode takes the player to a whole new world, but the sad thing is that everything is dead. If you want to Revive the planet, you’ll have to unlock a series of puzzles and defeat different bosses inside the sacred temples to bring life back to the Minecraft world.

Small worlds

Now we can take the Minecraft adventure to the space with this spectacular mod that turns the player into an astronaut stranded in some unknown planet. If you want to go back home, you have to gather resources, survive and find out the truth of why they abandon you in space.


If you want to play a real classic Minecraft mod, go ahead and install Dream since this is another serious hit among Minecraft players. Although the gameplay is really short compared with many other titles, it delivers an experience that is definitely going to blow your mind and explore it at the same time.

Find out what your square dreams mean, but make sure to not get lost inside your own head, since this is a tricky place.


What is it with these people that keep being abandoned in weird places? In Oceaneer you’re left behind on an island that is surrounded by the ocean. Unless you want to starve to death, you’ll need to use all of your intelligence, your exploration skills and that handy work table with the diving equipment to survive and escape.

Since this mod is all about adventure and surviving, it might remind you to the basic game, but this time your resources are limited and your mission is clearer, you have to escape to live.

There are many other Minecraft mods out there, but this is our top selection designed for those that just want to expand the adventure a little bit further. We hope that you have enjoyed it and will see each other again on the next time.

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